The Eastern Theater

The Waking Life

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Theyre coming over these mountain ranges.
What happened to the truce, the paper that described the laws?
The brave hearts who said, Id defend my land.
Where do they lie now?
Under your feet, watch where you step.
And I cant understand why do I celebrate when were locked and loaded at the gate.
The sergeant whispered dont show them fear.
Tonight (were not turning back), tonight (cock it and aim). I said Id witness to the events taking place.
No, I cant understand the meaning of this sickening display.
Our anthem to death will be heard now.
Lets make our stand.
Oh were just waiting. Oh were too late.
So, dont you fret.
Were not alone.
Hold your ground gentlemen.
Dont shoot till you see the whites of their fucking eyes. Suddenly its not the same, suddenly the rules have changed. Right when the first bullet hits the skin. Oh its hard. Theyre coming to take away the saints.
Theyre coming to stay, were not ready.
Theyre coming and were still too late.
And its hard, hard to say when I will be ok.

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