The Concluding Countdown

The Waking Life

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The Concluding Countdown

Ladies and Gentlemen, there's story that you've heard so many times before.
It's a cover up for the truth that happened, the day of that month of that year.
And we're strapped to our seats with hands down on our knees.
And we're receiving live feed of a critical emergency, critical emergency.

What am I suppose to do miles away from the heavens? We'll pray, we'll say how we miss the sweet smell of oxygen everyday in our lungs.
We took it for granted, we took it for granted.
The only thing we look forward to now is drifting forever in time and space.

I don't know what happened. The situation has gone hay wire. We weren't trained for the situation were in. No amount of practice can help us now.
"This is your captain speaking. We're experiencing some technical difficulties, but there's nothing we can do." So lets enjoy the view, oh its gonna be a while. Let's enjoy the view it's our private planetarium.

One by one we'll count the stars.
One by one we'll fall asleep.
One by one we'll count the stars, until we reach our destiny.

Five gas tanks ignited.
Four members on the ship.
Three days till the oxygen's deceased.
Two eyes to cry with, and one, one miracle to count on.

To bring us back home in one piece.
We'll send our message gliding through the cosmos, and maybe one day we'll get an answer back.
Mayday! Mayday! Abandon ship! No one's to blame.
Just our own curiosity to find out what the universe has to offer to us.
The ship's taking flames, so we better find ourselves a black hole. So we can take it all back.

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